Rain on ME

Rain Rain Rain Oh my Lord Rain. How I love this man so much. If I could meet him I would faint and like explode. He is funny, sexy, he can sing, dance, and act. He will be in the Upcoming movie “The Prince” next to Bruce Willis, John Cusack and Jason Patric. He was also in Ninja Assassins looking more than beautiful. His English is damn good in my opinion. Let’s face it most Koreans on the dramas and some movies suck terribly at English. Ugh but not my baby. I can not wait. It comes out August 22nd, 2014. I will be seeing it in the movies too. I love Bruce Willis movies and add in one of my Husbands. OMO!


Secret Love Affair

I absolutely loved this drama. It was about a music director having an affair an cheating on her husband with her student. She was 40 he was 20. Can you say awesome? In the end they decided to be together and that just makes me happy. Why? I am not entirely sure but that’s okay. I recommend watching this one. It was my first ongoing drama. OMG waiting was torture.


Drama Time!!!

There are a few dramas I have been watching recently and that I have recently finished.

A Gentleman’s Dignity

It was so awesome, I loved it! It was hilarious and had that annoyingly naive girl lead like most dramas I tend to watch. I liked it a lot and give it a 10. I even got my dad to watch it with me.

I Do, I Do

This was absolutely sweet and funny. I loved the Doctor OMG he is gorgeous and so was the male lead. YAYYYYY KOREAAA! I loved the powerful lead actress as well. Not the usual down on her luck, oh my God but i love you type of chick.

K-POP Extreme Survival

I also just finished this drama maybe yesterday. It was great and cute. I am mad that the ending was cut short but that’s okay. I now have new husbands to stalk on the internet. Park Yoo Hwan and Jin Hyuk and Song Min Ho!!!!

I Need Romance

I am currently watching this drama and I got to say it is DIFFERENT. There is sex and kissing everywhere. I’m not used to it in my Korean Dramas but that’s okay. I am mad that the lead actress will probably end up with the asshole instead of the awesome Hotel Director person. UGH but that’s Korea for you. It’s still fun to watch though.



I am back in my TOPP DOGG bag. Lol I was with them from their debut and I love them. I fell off just a little but I’m back and Dear God they are beautiful and good at what they do. I like their music so much. !!!!



Open the Door




GOT7 Love Order

1. Mark
2. Jackson
3. BamBam
4. JR
5. JB
6. Yugyeom
7. Youngjae
OMG they are so wonderful and its really hard to put them in any order. Ugh they are all so perfect. They’re my first group that i was with from pre-debut on down. Saw every show and interview. OBSESSION is a real thing!! Lol melting just talking about them.