My Love for GOT7


So I am in love with GOT7. Been following hard since before their debut. They are all HOT and talented and gorgeous, OMG! My loves are Mark & Jackson. They are beautiful people but mine, all mine. This group has all kinds of swag and they can sing, dance, and rap very well. My goal is to learn Mark’s raps, all of them, and to learn Jackson’s dougie. Hell I might just learn their flips and tricks. Favorite song obviously is ‘Girls Girls Girls’ It is so cute to watch them sing it. JR’s smile is amazing and BamBam is so damn adorable but I really do not need any jail time over his cuteness. That’s no fun. Anyways, the point of this post was to share my new obsession. :-)

Video jackson mark


I have watched a few good movies. My first Korean movie and crush were Man From Nowhere. Action. Action. Action. You’re My Pet was sooooooo funny I loved it!. 200 Pound Beauty was cute too. 71: Into the Fire was so sad and amazing. I have to finish Nineteen and Five Faces of Eros. What are your thoughts people?


So of course there are thos Dramas that you started, weren’t feeling, and then stopped watching but are determined to finish anyway. For me those dramas include: 

  1. Monstar
  2. Vampire Idol
  3. You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin
  4. To the Beautiful You

Now do not get me wrong I do like Monstar a little bit. I like the girl character she is pretty okay. But the guy irritates the heck out of me. Vampire Idol was terrible for me. I didn’t get pass the first episode. But Woo Bin is still hot. I loved IU in Dream High so said I would watch You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin. I actually like it it just loses a little interest after a while. And I can’t help but watch something else. As for To the Beautiful You. I love a good drama where the girl disguises herself as a boy okay, they are funny. However, I just CAN NOT get into this one. I can’t. I’m so sorry. I will try to finish them all this week but to be honest I will probably find the summary of all of them and call it done. There you go i watched it and read about it. DONE! i may actually continue to watch the one with IU. I don’t know.

Cropping Images: Quick Tips for Clean, Polished Photographs


Good tips :-)

Originally posted on The Daily Post:

Hey, Daily Posters! For those of you who haven’t heard, we’re running our Zero to Hero challenge this month: 30 days of assignments to give you a solid blogging foundation (or to reintroduce tasks you might have skipped when you first started blogging). So, be sure to check it out — in today’s task, participants are asked to publish a post with at least one image, so today’s tutorial on cropping images might be helpful.

In our Photography 101 series, Leanne Cole talked about image editing in her Photoshop tutorial, covering tasks like straightening, cropping, and spot-correcting. Since cropping is a fairly simple yet effective way to improve a photograph, let’s talk a bit more about how you can cut and frame your images.

When I’m out with my iPhone or camera, I don’t always have time to carefully compose a shot, and if you sift through my image…

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Here We Go Again

Okay so I finished White Christmas & Secret Garden forever ago. I also finished City Hunter, I Am Legend, Protect the Boss, & Heirs did I mention that Lee Min Ho is HOT?! I forget if I have mentioned all these before. But anyway WC was crazyyy. SG was great I love the idea of a stunt woman. But seriously I’m tired of the EVIL ASS, excuse me, mothers. Like get OVER IT! I love that in PB Eun Seol didn’t take no mess from the mothers or the guys or anyone. This show was really refreshing and I enjoyed it heavily! CH of course was great DUH. I got my dad to watch 2 dramas with me. Lol JOY. I Am Legend was irritating and I didn’t like it that much either. It was ok I guess. I like the main characters fighting spirit though. What’s next?