New Things for Shay’s K-World

There are new things that will change in Shay’s K-World. I kind of want to give it a specific format and a few guidelines to follow when i’m writing. As you may have noticed I have already made an official logo and changed the overall theme and colors. I am trying my hand at revamping a few things, changing the whole entire layout,etc. I have made a twitter and I need to also create a schedule and follow it.

So in short, STAY TUNED….


New Shows in the Works

I have been gone a while and I do apologize. I have been so busy with all my school work and have not had time to binge on dramas and such. I have actually recently been able to squeeze in an anime because the episodes are so short. I am watching Attack on Titan.

And let me just say it is freaking awesome, I LOVE IT and can’t wait to finish it. O M G

On the Korean Dramas front I have started The Three Muskateers because my husband stars in it (Jung Yonghwa) and I have to see everything he is in. Now that I think about it I really have to finish watching the other Drama where this girl goes back in time and tries to change her life and marry Yonghwa instead. I mean he is perfect in all eras, I’m just saying… Oh and sorry for ranting.

Another drama I am watching, reluctantly, is My Lovable Girl with Rain and Krystal from f(x). Now the reason I am reluctant about this is because I do not like certain females around my bias’. I’m not crazy and I don’t think they will ever end up with me anyway its just my damn imagination okay. I don’t like it. The fact that last time I checked, he had a girlfriend, still hurts just a little bit. That’s okay though but anyway I don’t like Krystal too much. She somehow ends up too close to all the guys I fan girl hardest over. Oh and the one girl, Amber Josephine damn Liu. LOVE THIS GIRL. But other than this I like the show quite a bit. Rain is so cute and wonderful. The other bae Myungsoo is perfect as usual. He is funny and cute and just wonderful OMG. I like Krystal’s character a lot. However, the show makes my head hurt. Why the hell would you fall in love with your ex-dead-girlfriend’s little sister? What?


Moving on yet again. There will be a few long awaited changes coming to Shay’s K-World. See the next post to find out what they are. :-) TTYL

PLEASE be MY Roommate Jackson

I am currently watching a few different things and Roommate 2 is one of them. I am in love with Jackson of course but I found some over love on the show as well. Lee Dong Wook is life! OMG and Jackson and Joon Park are the funniest freaking people ever. I can NOT get enough of their childish antics and Jackson’s need to introduce himself by showing off his Martial Arts skill. He is PERFECTION. Oh and the comedian lady is wonderful too. Extremely funny, Lee Guk-joo is a delight. Sunny is interesting and the older actress lady is very motherly. I think I like it so far. But…

Back to Jackson:

Another thing to notice is not only is he sexy, he is extremely wild. In “Roommate”, he is very energetic, doesn’t sit still, doesn’t like to be alone, stays up all damn night and works a full schedule on very little sleep. I LOVE HIM! We should just be roomies and he ain’t Neva gotta sit down. Lol WATCH IT!


DRAMAS Rule My Life and Hurt at the same time!

Hey guys. I have been gone a while but I am back again. Below are some dramas I have been watching:

  1. Marriage, Not Dating
  2. Fated To Love You
  3. Let’s Eat

1. Marriage, Not Dating:


I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! The kissing scenes became more real, so kudos to South Korea. Jinwoon of 2am was in it, therefore I melted, naturally, every time he smiled. The female and male leads were refreshing to say the least. Other then them trying to play it cool when they liked each other, (Really though?) I really enjoyed their interactions. It was also nice for me to like the rich boy’s mother this time. And for the poor girl to actually be happy about the way she is living and to not give a shit about how the “Evil Mom” treats her. WATCH IT!

2. Fated To Love You:

I like it so far. It takes everything typical “Korean Drama” and twists it all around. Things you would expect to happen either do not come up at all or they do it in such a way that you must refer to the gif below:

Damn Friday gif

Caption: “Damnnnnnnnn!”

I am currently on episode 12 of 20 so wish me luck with the rest of this drama. I RECOMMEND IT TOO!

3. Let’s Eat: On this drama I am on episode 6. I like it, its funny and the FOOD LOOKS DELICIOUS OMG The only reason I am not yet done watching this drama is because I get so hungry when I do watch it. The food is so delicious looking. I will try everything when I get back to Korea next year. YAYYYYYYYYY!!!!

Featured image

A New list for you.

This list includes my favorite rappers whether they be male or female. No specific order. (Korean)

1. G-Dragon

2. CL

3. Tablo

4. A.Kor’s Kemy

5. TOP

6. Simon D

7. Jay Park

8. Gray

9. Dok2

10. Miss A’s Jia

11. BAP’s Zelo & Yongguk


12. GOT7′s Mark & Jackson & BamBam



They're all rappers right?


Rain on ME

Rain Rain Rain Oh my Lord Rain. How I love this man so much. If I could meet him I would faint and like explode. He is funny, sexy, he can sing, dance, and act. He will be in the Upcoming movie “The Prince” next to Bruce Willis, John Cusack and Jason Patric. He was also in Ninja Assassins looking more than beautiful. His English is damn good in my opinion. Let’s face it most Koreans on the dramas and some movies suck terribly at English. Ugh but not my baby. I can not wait. It comes out August 22nd, 2014. I will be seeing it in the movies too. I love Bruce Willis movies and add in one of my Husbands. OMO!